Big Data

Big Data



Enterprises are recognizing that there is real value in the large volumes of data that they and their customers continuously generate. Hidden in this trove of “Big Data” are critical insights that have the potential to drive increases in revenue and decreases in expenses. Maxonic helps enterprises tap into these insights through our Big Data Professional Services. Our consultants help identify sources of structured and unstructured data, focus in on the critical components, and drive data exploration and virtualization. The results are tangible: actionable insights and real ROI.

Maxonic collaborates with clients to solve business problems with the use of big data technologies. Our holistic approach considers a wide variety of data sources, including machine data and data derived from social media, ERP and CRM systems among others. Our services include end-to-end big data technology implementations, technology infrastructure design, machine data analytics, retail analytics, big data application development, mobile data analytics, proof of concept design and testing, performance improvement and big data tool selection with cost analysis.

Service Offerings:

  • Big Data Technology Implementation
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Machine Data Analytics
  • App Development
  • Proof of Concept
  • Tool Selection

Service Offerings

Maxonic’s Big Data Service Offerings:

Big Data Technology Implementation
We do end-to-end big data technology implementations and provide our clients with cost-effective technical support services post implementation.

Infrastructure Design
We design a cost-effective technology infrastructure for our clients based on their business needs. Our designs are derived from extensive analysis of existing systems, budget considerations, business goal tool availability, resource availability, and security requirements.

Machine Data Analytics
We embrace the power of machine data. We use machine data to provide application management, IT Operations Management, Security, Business Analytics and Digital Intelligence services.

App Development
Our apps are optimized to handle large data volumes and give faster results with both real time and historical data.

Proof of Concept
Using our state of the art lab, we identify the best possible solution to their business problems before they can make the real investment in the technology.

Tool Selection
We help our clients with the selection of the right big data tool to solve their business needs considering cost-benefit analysis, technology availability, resource availability, performance requirements and budget.