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Staffing Done Differently

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Areas of Practice

Database Administration
databaseThe skills needed to manage a system intended to organize, store, and retrieve large amounts of data easily is very critical in large organizations. This includes the development and design of database strategies, monitoring and improving database performance and capacity, and planning for future expansion requirements. We have placed several consultants in the Database domain. We also have a team of specialized recruiters who constantly work at building and strengthening our talent pool of Database Admin, Developers and Analysts. Our Database Administrators, Developers and Analysts follow best practices to build data warehouses that enable our clients to manage and organize enterprise data.
A snapshot of our verticals would ranges from Technology, Medical, Biotech and Pharmaceutical to Consulting industry.
programmingIn order to cater to the rapidly changing technological developments, it is important to be the proficient in both traditional programing languages such as C, C++, C#, J2EE and .Net and current programing languages such as PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby. The fast paced innovations of today provide exciting programming opportunities at both small businesses and large corporations. Technology professionals are fluctuating in the United States, but programming skills are one of the highest demands across the country. Programmers will grow in demand, as evolving technologies require companies to adapt to new language and systems.

Programming is one of our many core strengths at Maxonic and we cater our Fortune 1000 clients' staffing needs in the various industries, such as Biotech, Electronics, Finance, On Demand Solutions, Video Games and Healthcare.
Business Consulting
consultingBlending strategic management and technology consulting of today's computing technology takes knowledge, foresight and hands-on experience. Maxonic provides business consulting services to manage, develop and implement mission critical, cross-functional projects to best serve its clients, ranging from Retail, Ecommerce, and Financial Services to data Storage Providers.
Quality Assurance / Testing
QAOver the years it has been proven that involving the Quality Assurance (QA) team in requirement reviews can detect and remove a high percentage of defects, improving project efficiency and reducing costs. The number of positions in the field of quality assurance is predicted to grow faster than the average job over the next decade. Quality assurance is being fit into an extensive development lifecycle and quality improvement in technology industry. There has been a rapid growth in the number of jobs added in the Quality Assurance practice, which includes black box testing, white box testing, gray box testing, assembly testing, system testing and performance testing. Our clients belong to the following verticals: Biotech, Pharmaceutical, IT, Healthcare and Retail.
networkingIt is no surprise that one of the fastest growing areas of employment in recent years relates to computer technology. Networking Communications is another popular engineering discipline, in today's innovation and shifting market, networking is one of the most dynamic technology sectors to follow.

As technology has grown significantly, organizations are experiencing growing demand for networking professionals with knowledge to design, implement and administer network infrastructure and the ability to maintain, secure and troubleshoot problems. Maxonic has successfully placed networking candidates in the following verticals: IT, On Demand Solution Providers, Medical, Education and Entertainment.
System Administration
adminSystems administration solutions allow organizations to manage and maintain and operate technology assets, ranging from computers and devices to software applications and configurations.

Maxonic has a very strong success rate with System Administration jobs and our clients could testify to the same. The system administration jobs include Linux/Unix Engineers, Storage Engineers, Desktop Support, Help Desk, etc. Some of the many industries that we cater to include the following: Storage Providers, Biotech, Education, Retail, Banking/Finance and Entertainment.

Project-Based Consulting

Finding the right consultant or employee for a position requires tremendous resources that for most companies are typically focused on a single, frantic search. Inevitably, candidates found during the search represent a narrow slice of a much wider candidate pool – a mere snapshot in time of candidates that are available at the moment the search is active. The result is that companies don’t get the best candidates or are forced to push out their project timelines to find them.

Maxonic provides a comprehensive strategy, our Process-Based Recruiting approach that overcomes this classic recruiting constraint. It usually begins well in advance of the client’s needs and culminates in the timely placement of the best possible candidates. Maxonic’s approach provides clients with an efficient and easy solution, a single point of contact at Maxonic, and leverages our extensive resources to fulfill the client’s requirements.


  • Access to a very large pool of candidates recruited over a longer period of time.
  • Faster submission times as candidates are drawn primarily from a pre-qualified pool of candidates.
  • Improved quality of candidates.
  • More control over the quality and cost of candidates because of a longer recruiting cycle.
  • Better ability to plan projects with a pre-qualified pool of candidates recruited in advance of the project.

Permanent Placement

Maxonic has been providing professional talents to clients around the nation with unparalleled professionalism and quality. We have never lost a client, and our reputation as an ethical, efficient and effective service provider continues to fuel the growth of the company. Maxonic PermLink ® offering – PermLink® is a process oriented service that brings together the company’s extensive client reach with its deep pool of permanent job seeking talent. As the enabler in the match process, Maxonic gains a thorough and in-depth understanding of the client’s job requirements, and then matches that requirement with the skills and personalities of the candidates.

The Maxonic PermLink ® offering is unique in that we:

  • Spend as much time as required understanding each position we work on before we begin the candidate search;
  • Treat each search like a process, not an event, expanding the candidate pool and providing greater selection to clients;
  • Rely primarily on our own internally created database of qualified candidates and their referrals, not just job boards and advertisements;
  • Present the top ten percent of our matches only. We do not flood clients with resumes;
  • Provide a structured performance guarantee for all of the candidates we place.

According to some estimates, there are over one billion resumes currently on the World Wide Web. And despite this staggering number, the supply of qualified candidates for positions that you are working on is still a major constraint. Maxonic PermLink® bridges that divide.

The internal infrastructure at most companies may not be enough to address your specific job openings. Typically, this internal infrastructure:

  • Is relatively understaffed and required to recruit for a wide variety of positions;
  • Does not have recruiters with expertise in recruiting in specific areas, such as information technology;
  • Does not have time to learn as much about the opening as may be required (i.e., soft skill requirements, reporting structures, etc.);
  • Relies on major job boards and advertisements, which usually yields highly varied and inconsistent results; and
  • Takes substantially longer to provide qualified candidates than from outside vendors.
  • That’s where Maxonic PermLink® comes in.

With PermLink® managers can be assured that:

  • Requirements are thoroughly understood;
  • Recruiting takes place immediately and with a sense of urgency and commitment;
  • Candidates are first recruited from our internal database of pre-qualified candidates (currently exceeding 35,000), next from our virtual candidate network, and as a last resort from more public sources, including job boards;
  • Candidates are thoroughly qualified, including soft skills (personality, communication, etc.), to ensure that hiring managers can focus on critical skills;
  • Only the top ten percent of candidates are presented; and
  • Once placed, Maxonic guarantees that performance of that candidate.