Splunk Professional Services

Interpret Machine Data Into Real Time Answers

Maxonic’s team of Splunk experts deliver real-time answers and value to enable informed decisions. Maxonic’s comprehensive Splunk solutions automate log searches and analysis. We speed up tactical troubleshooting by collecting real-time log data from distributed applications and infrastructure in one place to enable powerful searches, dynamic dashboards and alerts, and reporting for real-time analysis.

Maxonic is a premier splunk partner with a large pool of Splunk certified architects and administrators. Maxonic delivers:

  • Deployment, planning and hardware recommendations
  • Splunk use case development
  • Dashboards, reports and alerts creation
  • Splunk training
  • Monitoring and supporting existing Splunk implementation

Maxonic’s experience with Splunk deployments extends to all sizes, from demands indexing a few gigabytes per day to those indexing hundreds of terabytes per day. We also apply Splunk skills across use cases including security and operational intelligence.

Maxonic team will be delighter to provide Splunk professional services on-premise or offsite(offshore) depending on the requirement.

Maxonic’s Splunk services include the following:

Proofs of Concept (POC)

Maxonic provides infrastructure and support to replicate Splunk use case, and run full visibility to the process, ROI and results. Deploying Maxonic’s Splunk license, we create comprehensive POCs without additional licensing costs to clients.

Implementation Services

Maxonic applies Splunk best practices to efficiently scope, plan and implement Splunk software solutions. Typical implementations last from two to three weeks.

Support of Splunk Implementations

Maxonic’s certified Splunk consultants assist client’s maximize the full potential and ROI of their existing Splunk implementations.

These services include:

Construction of Dashboards – We build custom dashboards based on requests from the client’s technical and business teams.

Employee Training – Maxonic’s architects are experts on the latest features in Splunk. We provide comprehensive training to bring your teams up to speed on the latest Splunk enhancements.

Updates and Upgrades – We update Splunk forwarders, indexers, and search heads for the latest version available by Splunk. Additionally, we work on dependency analysis to estimate the effect of upgrades.

App Knowledge Hub – We update your team about the latest apps that are available.

Optimizing Splunk Environment – We assist in segregating development, production and QA environments to ensure optimal use of Splunk license.

Bug Fixes - We fix bugs based on current Splunk implementations and provide on-call support for high priority issues.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) – Maxonic offers an AMC that supports Splunk implementations. The contract cost is based on an initial assessment conducted over a period of approximately two weeks, but at a minimum includes support for Splunk of eight hours per month.

Support services include:

  • Building ad-hoc dashboards
  • Training employees on new features in Splunk
  • Upgrading existing implementations to the latest versions of Splunk
  • Informing and updating the team on the latest apps on Splunk
  • POCs across different groups within the client’s organization
  • Supporting and fixing upcoming issues with the Splunk deployments
  • Making recommendations to the client’s team about the Splunk best practices
  • Support services can be provided remotely, onsite or offshore, depending on the client’s requirements